Five things we can learn from the latest HFSS store layout trials

Retailers are beginning to prepare for HFSS (high fat, salt, and sugar) regulations that are due to come into force this October, testing out new gondola ends, promotional mechanics and highlighting healthier products.

Sustainability trends 2022

In this report we highlight five global sustainability trends we expect retailers to implement as part of sustainability strategies during 2022, and beyond. 

How grocery retail is emerging as a platform for health and wellness

The lines between grocery retail and healthcare are increasingly blurring and delivering a holistic proposition is essential as shoppers’ views of their health evolve.

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We look at three initiatives from Australia’s Coles as it aims to become the country’s most sustainable supermarket.

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As Woolworths launches a new quick commerce service and plans to stop selling reusable plastic shopping bags we round up developments from the retailer. Woolworths launches Metro60 quick commerce service Woolworths’ Metro60 service will enable shoppers to order through an app for delivery in an hour. The service, which will initially launch in 11 eastern Sydney suburbs, will carry an AU$5 d...
Protein-alternatives is likely to expand in Asia with innovative products, new ways of distribution and production facilities. 1. Insects in vending machine by Sanpuku Holdings The vending machine which promotes the snacks as "highly nutritious meals of the future," is the first of its kind in western Japan's Shikoku region. There are nine types of insects available including fried crickets...
The newly published annual report for 2021 saw a 2.9% increase in sales on the previous year, with an annual turnover of €62.7bn. Edeka remains the market leader in Germany with an impressive 29.8% market share.. CEO promises large investments for 2022 Markus Mosa, Edeka’s Chairman of the board and CEO talked about the possibility of acquiring a further 80 new locations for its discount ret...
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