Asia store visits


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See inside our pick for April’s store of the month, Homeplus Mega Food Market in Seoul, South Korea. It has an impressive food-to-go range with great in-store dining options and a sensory approach to draw shoppers in. Be inspired by the store’s high impact execution and in-store theatre.
See inside our pick for September's store of the month, Lotte Zettaplex. It is a new store concept with many inspirational range areas and high impact execution. The format aims to provide unlimited choice for shoppers, providing reasons to encourage them back into large stores.
See inside our pick for March’s store of the month, Tops Market, Central Siracha, Thailand. It is an eco-friendly store based on a glasshouse concept – a first in the Siracha region.


Discover Guardian Singapore’s experiential store next to the world’s best airport, and how it stands out in the area of digital technology, interactive approach with shoppers and good execution of centre store merchandising.
Discover three reasons why Korean convenience stores are standing out in Malaysia, from their excellent foodservice ranges, and effective use of digital, to their exclusive assortment.
Discover how 7-Eleven Malaysia combines convenience café and bookstore.
Puregold’s recently updated store in Metro Manila.
SM Retail’s recently updated store in Metro Manila
See how Robinsons in the Philippines is using technology to make its stores more efficient, integrate its online solutions, and enhance the range of services it offers shoppers.
See how 7-Eleven appeals to hungry shoppers in Seoul’s business district with a wide range of breakfast, food-to-go and wine options.
This report spotlights best practice from CR Vanguard’s premium banner, Ole’, which it operates in China.
This top selling store near the National Palace in Kuala Lumpur. It delivers a consistently good experience with a strong range of imports and engaging in-store activities.
Explore how FairPrice Finest’s latest store in Singapore’s Orchard shopping district elevates the shopping experience.