Food wholesaler partners with for online store in Hong Kong

Date : 02 November 2022

Louis Lau


On 31 October 2022, CR NG Fung, one of Hong Kong’s biggest food distributors and producers, formed a strategic alliance with The alliance will lead to CR NG Fung opening its first online flagship store on’s platform to promote its food grocery products.

Expanding sales networks

Having opened its official online store on’s platform, CR NG Fung can easily promote its products and reach Hong Kong shoppers directly with minimum effort. It can also leverage's advanced platform and tools to speed up the digitalisation of its store operations to make them more efficient.

Building a strong logistic infrastructure

CR NG Fung continues to work with to expand its logistics infrastructure, which includes distribution centres and delivery services. It expects to provide Hong Kong’s shoppers with a one-stop shopping experience and convenience.

Developing great products

In the future, CR NG Fung will collaborate with in areas such as research and development, production, and marketing to introduce more new and high-quality products to Hong Kong.