France store visits

Our store visit reports feature floor plans, store photos and full commentary written by our team of international retail experts. Dozens of reports are made every year of stores that feature new concepts in food and grocery retail.


We spent a day with Carrefour in Paris to understand how the retailer is creating differentiated proximity formats to help its franchisees meet the needs of a variety of shopper bases and compete with rivals in a highly aggressive market.
Casino’s Géant hypermarket, located in Amiens, shows how the retailer is developing a simple concept designed with a traditional fresh marketplace at its heart.
Following its renovation in 2015, Carrefour has created an urban, food-focused hypermarket in the Euralille shopping centre. Its highlights include the connected trolley, regional ranges, the fresh marketplace, and food-to-go area.

We visited the store, in Lille, to understand how Carrefour is driving innovation in its hypermarkets.
Carrefour Montesson sees the retailer’s focus on fresh and counters supported by the addition of new products that provide inspiration and widen choice, while pricing messages are used consistently to make it clear to shoppers that the store remains competitive versus rivals.

We assess how this core compact hypermarket is enabling Leclerc to win in the competitive French market by providing a strong range of grocery products in a store size that enables shoppers to maximise their time in-store.

We visited two of Marks and Spencer’s newest stores in Western Europe, in Amsterdam and Paris, to see how the retailer is using its grocery range to win in the region by targeting food-for-now and food-for-later missions.
In Le Bon Marché-owned store, La Grande Epicerie de Paris food hall offers shoppers excitement and inspiration to food retailers globally.
Carrefour City Malakoff highlights the benefits of franchisee run stores by empowering store owners to target local shopper needs
Carrefour Market Courbevoie is an urban supermarket that provides a food-oriented offer to meet the needs of a diverse and wealthy shopper base
Auchan Roissy Aeroville is a hypermarket and Drive meeting the needs of different shopper bases – a family’s weekly shop and convenience for those wanting to purchase items quickly – with an on-going focus on price.