Taiwan store visits

Our store visit reports feature floor plans, store photos and full commentary written by our team of international retail experts. Dozens of reports are made every year of stores that feature new concepts in food and grocery retail.


Taipei is a hotspot for store innovation. We highlight five ways in which leading retailers are evolving their store formats and explain what this means for you.
We assess five themes that reflect PX Mart's approach and strategy on how it differentiates itself from competitors.
We visited this Simple Mart store to see how the retailer is appealing to neighbourhood shoppers through range, private label, imported goods and simple prices.
Carrefour in Taiwan continues to open 15-20 stores a year, we visited two in Taipei, highlighting some of the areas that suppliers should look out for in-store.
As the largest hypermarket chain in Taiwan, Carrefour endeavours to provide Taiwanese shoppers with high quality foods, extensive private label ranges and unparalleled level of services.
Hi-life is a Taiwanese convenience chain that is thriving in the competitive convenience market in Taiwan. We visited their the Huzuan store in Taipei to understand how the retailer is satisfying the needs of the shoppers in Taiwan.
During our recent visit, we experienced how Wellcome is thriving in the competitive Taiwan retail market by understanding local shoppers thoroughly and leveraging the resources from Dairy Farm.