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In recent years, expansion of the proximity (convenience) channel has been fairly stagnant in Brazil. As of Q3 2021, the countries’ two largest retailers (Carrefour and GPA) operated just 371 stores between them. For a country of Brazil’s magnitude this feels like a missed opportunity, particularly as the channel has been a success in the city of São Paulo, where most stores are currently based.

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Carrefour plans to become net zero by 2040, while Lidl Switzerland said it had reduced its carbon footprint by 11%. Furthermore, we look at retailers adopting the environmental labelling system, Planet-Score. Finally, Metro completed phase one of its food waste prevention initiative, with over 30 suppliers committing to the project. Carrefour sets carbon neutrality target Carrefour plans to...
Following on from its Digital Day announcement , we look at several developments, including its partnership with Meta, from Carrefour globally. Carrefour and Meta sign strategic partnership… Carrefour has signed a strategic partnership with Meta. The partnership will cover all its integrated countries and, therefore, will benefit operations in France, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Italy, P...
As part of its Digital Day, Carrefour has said it is aiming ‘ to be a global leader in Digital Retail ’. The new digital strategy builds on the retailer’s 2018 aims, which have created a strong foundation on which to build. The retailer said the aim to be a global leader would be ‘ built on a ‘data-centric, digital-first’ approach ’. Targeting tripling of ecommerce GMV to €10 bn by 2026 Car...
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