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In the live broadcast of Ocado Re:Imagined, Ocado unveiled seven new innovations that will underpin its Ocado Smart Platform (OSP).

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Ocado Retail has announced a decrease in revenue of (3.9)% to £547.8m in its fourth quarter, 13 weeks to 28 th  November 2021. Declining basket The value of the average basket fell (12)% year-on-year to £118. This year it’s easier to use stores, whilst many shoppers have returned to the office and spent less time at home. Ocado’s growth was also impacted by the UK labour market and a high n...
The GB market declined 3.8% in the 12 weeks to 28 November against 2020’s performance, according to the latest results from Kantar. This time last year there were tighter restrictions in Scotland and Wales and England was in its second lockdown. Grocery inflation highest level since June 2020 There are various factors currently impacting the market. Shoppers are returning to offices and o...
Swedish market leader ICA has launched its first automated warehouse in partnership with Ocado in Brunna, Stockholm. This follows an initial announcement in May 2018 that the two companies would partner, with ICA investing SEK 1.1bn (€107.3m) in the warehouse and technology. Online accounts for almost 5% of sales at ICA Sweden In 2020, ICA achieved e-commerce growth of 117% in 2020. During ...
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