What will shape the retail market in Western Europe in 2021?

Harriet Cohen
Senior Retail Analyst

Five themes will dominate retailers’ strategies in 2021, echoing our wider global trends.

Driving value has been a defining trend in recent years. However, consumer confidence has suffered amidst the pandemic, and people are likely to feel increasingly financially challenged in 2021. So, responding to their need for value will be key. 

Digitalisation continues, with technology enabling convenience, efficiency, and a contact-free experience. Meanwhile, the pandemic has accelerated the shift to online grocery, with this no longer being a small part of many businesses.

Meanwhile, travel restrictions and local lockdowns mean shopper missions have evolved. As a result, store concepts and ranges are changing. Sustainability also remains a priority, with a wide variety of initiatives being rolled out across the region.

Below, I’ll discuss in more detail what we can expect from three of these trends. Plus, I’ll highlight examples of retailers already leading the way.

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