Private label and brands presentations


In May 2018, Iceland claimed to be the first UK supermarket to install a reverse vending machine in its store, in support of the UK Government’s recently announced intention to introduce a Deposit Return Scheme in England.
Online retailer Ocado has introduced a palm oil-free ‘aisle’ to its website and the Ocado app.
Discount is a winning format in Turkey driven by high store expansion rates and above market sales growth. We visited the top three discount retailers to observe what is driving the dynamic growth of the channel and to get a better understanding of their relationship with suppliers.
Raley’s is giving prime placement to cereals with less added sugar. Cereals with 25% or more of the total calories coming from added sugar, based on a standardised one cup serving of cereal, will be moved to the bottom shelf.
02/01/2019 has partnered with Japanese chemical manufacturing company Mitsubishi Chemical to open the largest hydroponic “plant factory” in China.
Walmart China is testing two different WeChat mini-programs. One provides one-hour delivery service and the other locates where products are in the store.
Herbal tea chain Hung Fook Tong has launched intelligent AI-based tea kiosks.
Marks & Spencer (M&S) has launched an interactive map that shows customers and stakeholders where every type of fish or seafood it sells is either caught or farmed.
Gillette is trialling a new initiative that enables personalisation of the shaving experience in an entirely new way.
250 Sainsbury’s stores UK-wide have begun selling Eat Grub’s smoky BBQ roasted crickets, making them the first large grocery retailer in the UK to sell edible insects.