This report showcases technologies to help with social distancing at stores since the outbreak of COVID-19

This report showcases six novel technologies to help with decontamination at stores since the outbreak of COVID-19.

25 examples of how technology is being used to enhance the food and CPG industry

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Reliance Retail plans to integrate its own e-commerce app JioMart into WhatsApp, within the next six months.  This would enable 400m users of India’s most popular messaging app to order food and grocery products, without having to switch to another platform.

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To cope with fewer employees in its stores, Aeon Japan will introduce self-checkouts this year and it has also started using UV-based sanitisers for its shopping baskets. Cost to implement self-checkouts is less than 10% of Amazon’s system Aeon will increase self-checkout registers that can read prices of items that customers purchase, through their smartphone app.  This new system will sta...
To create a larger and more inclusive rewards ecosystem, Flipkart has recently introduced SuperCoin Pay.  It allows customers to checkout in physical stores through the rewards earned from Flipkart’s online platform.    Wider range of merchants to redeem rewards The launch of the SuperCoin rewards programme in 2019 has been a success, with over 10bn SuperCoins earned by millions of Flipkart...
Autonomous, or checkout free, store concepts have been gaining ground over the last few years, with companies piloting different models. This has accelerated since the start of the pandemic as retailers look to develop contactless and frictionless solutions. We highlight four which have recently launched, or are set to make their debut, in North America. 1. CIBO Express, Newark Airport, New Yo...

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