In-store farming: a growing trend

In this report we showcase numerous in-store and out of store vertical farming case studies from around the world, and look at the potential future of this growing technique.

COVID-19: Technologies to help with social distancing

This report showcases technologies to help with social distancing at stores since the outbreak of COVID-19

COVID-19: technologies to help with decontamination

This report showcases six novel technologies to help with decontamination at stores since the outbreak of COVID-19.

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Japanese supermarket chain Daiei will launch an unmanned store in Tokyo, in collaboration with Chinese startup Cloudpick.  In addition, Rakuten and Seiyu are now also using robots to deliver supermarket purchases in Yokosuka City, Japan.

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Asia-based ecommerce platform Shopee intends to premiumise its beauty offerings, by increasing its focus on K-beauty brands.  Sales of Korean beauty continues to grow in Southeast Asia and Taiwan Korean beauty products remain as one of the top-selling products of Shopee.  The retailer has seen more shoppers searching and buying K-beauty brands on its platform, due to the popularity of K-pop c...
Reliance Retail has announced that it is extending the date to complete the purchase of Future Retail.  While waiting for the merger to be approved by the authorities, Reliance Retail is focusing more on growing its private label brands, while Future Retail has enhanced its digital capability with a two-hour delivery guarantee for online shoppers of Big Bazaar. Potential acquisition of Future R...
Amazon is on track to launch its first robotics fulfilment centre in the market by the end of 2021. 200,000 sq m facility If it stays on schedule, the new 200,000 sq. m. facility will open in late 2021. It aims to deliver a faster, more consistent experience for customers across Australia and is set to be the biggest warehouse in the country. As reported by, the FC could theore...
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