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UK coffee specialists sector 2022

This report covers the UK coffee shop market, its challenges and opportunities, and the latest trend which will shape its development.

Eating out trends 2022

See the top trends shaping the eating out market in 2022 and beyond, with examples from operators leading the way around the world. 

UK eating out market forecast 2022

In this report, we forecast the value of the UK's eating out sector in 2022 as it tries to recover from Covid and look at the implications for the nine subsectors which comprise this market.

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Food-to-go trends 2022

The five trends shaping food-to-go around the world this year with examples of the operators and retailers already leading the way.

UK food-to-go market 2021-2026

Our predictions for a return to growth. We examine the short and longer term outlook for each sub-sector (coffee specialists, food-to-go specialists, QSR, convenience/forecourts and supermarkets/hypermarkets) and highlight implications for operators, retailers and suppliers.

Eating In vs Dining Out: drivers of future change in the UK food and drink market

In this report we identify which of the 10 drivers of change will have the biggest long term impact on the UK food and drink industry, and what this means for businesses in the sector.

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This year, a number of retailer meal deals have seen a change in their pricing strategy, and Amazon Fresh is the latest to follow suit.

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The long-awaited addition to London’s Market Hall group has opened in the heart of London’s thriving business district – Canary Wharf. Originally announced in May 2019, the opening was delayed due to the pandemic. Having opened three food halls pre-pandemic, specifically Fulham (since closed), Victoria and Oxford Street, the company has been eager to expand. Last week we visited the si...
As The Co-op announces new initiatives for its food-to-go ranges and how it aims to tackle food waste, we round up news from the retailer. The Co-op extends food-to-go range to Nisa retailers The Co-op has made its 2022 summer range of food-to-go products available to Nisa retailers directly from its central distribution. The range is made up of a selection of sandwiches, salads, wraps, sub...
I went to New York City to see how retail is evolving, taking in convenient food-to-go solutions and the rapid roll out of new technologies and digital solutions. Key learnings from my visits in New York City: Food-to-go specialists are focusing on delivering the most convenient experience through wider range of products, orders via app and super easy collection in stores Getting the ...
Eating In Vs Dining Out

Read our new Eating In Vs Dining Out research to help plan for the future during and post-COVID.

Eating In vs Dining Out: drivers of future change in the UK food and drink market

Eating In vs Dining Out: what does foodservice reopening mean for retail?

The impact of COVID-19 on the UK food and drink market in 2020

UK food and drink market outlook for 2021

Four scenarios for the UK food and drink market post-COVID