Food-to-go & eating out presentations


We consider five themes shaping development and how the format could innovate in the future.
We look at the key trends shaping the food hall movement and highlight our pick of five to see in New York
Alibaba has launched a “smart ordering” system. The new technology lets customers at cafés and restaurants place their orders through a voice recognition smart-ordering machine. Customers can make as many changes or corrections to their order as they want.
In this report we look at how and why food-to-go operators are increasingly using partnerships to grow their business.
As convenience retailers increasingly look to food-to-go to attract shoppers and boost revenue, we look at what best-in-class retailers from around the world are doing in this area
See why Dublin’s convenience and forecourt retailers lead the world in inspiring shoppers with food-to-go at the forefront of their stores.
We explore how convenience stores in the UK and Ireland can tap into the growing coffee shop market.
An analysis of Subways strategic priorities and how it is planning for growth in a competitive market, with learnings for suppliers.
As food-to-go becomes an increasingly important route to growth, we assess the key trends that will shape the development in the year ahead.
We take a closer look at one of the UK's most innovative food-to-go operators, and share some of the principles behind its success.