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Leading global online retailers in 2027

Understand how the leading, global, online grocery retailers are driving growth and winning channel share in their markets and how online’s share of omnichannel retailers' sales is set to grow to 2027.

Global online trends 2023

We look at six trends that will shape the online channel globally in 2023 and highlight the key considerations for retailers and suppliers.

10 ways to personalise the online retail experience

Discover 10 ways to personalise your online retail experience and gain a competitive advantage in the e-commerce channel.

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Ecommerce business models

This report will help you understand the different ways in which you can sell your products online, the strengths and weaknesses of each model, and key global developments. 

Online profitability: in-store picking

In the first, of a four-part series, we estimate the P&L for retailers using in-store picking for click and collect and home delivery.

Eight ways companies are picking online orders

Learn how online orders are being fulfilled and what it means for your business.

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Ok, I must admit I have had my tree up for two weeks already, I am Christmas fan and today I got to open my first advent calendar window. Here at IGD we share our thoughts on the tradition of advent calendars, how it has evolved and what our employees gave and received.

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Canada-based Sobeys has formed a strategic partnership with Cookin, a homemade food delivery marketplace, to provide consumers with ideas for creative meals at home using its ingredients. Marketplace for food creators Cookin is a homemade food delivery marketplace connecting consumers with local chefs and cooks, offering ready-to-eat meals with a personal touch. It has developed a marketplace...
In its Q3 2023 results (summary below) Walmart reported solid ecommerce growth in the US: 24% for Walmart, 16% for Sam’s Club. Omnichannel services including pickup and store fulfilled delivery have played a major contributing factor to driving strong growth, which has been seen across both its third- and first-party offer. Retailers remain laser-focussed on how to grow sales in the online cha...
Our global analysts share their opinion on grocery retail news from across the globe. Grocery retailers are partnering with travel agencies – Michaela Jay, Insight Manager We are used to seeing many partnerships come together on a regular basis (a recent example being Amazon partnering with Meta and Snap), but partnerships between grocery retailers and travel agencies is less common, but ve...

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How to increase conversion of your product online

How do you cut through the noise and make sure your brands and products make it into shoppers’ online shopping baskets?

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