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In this report we review Alibaba's grocery retail outlook and strategic priorities for the next five years. We use this to provide considerations and implications for suppliers.

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See data on the retailer’s performance and forecasts for its operations by channel.

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PDD Holdings, home to the rising cross-border online discount platform, has reported a year-on-year increase of over 90% in revenue, amounting to $9.44 billion in Q3. Temu has come under the spotlight of many online retailers since the platform rose to the top of app stores in the US in just a few weeks and has now gained a presence in 48 countries, including the U.K., Spain, and Australia. While PDD has not disclosed the breakdown of Temu’s performance, it is expected that Temu was the major driver for its revenue growth.

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Our global analysts share their opinion on grocery retail news from across the globe. Love pumpkin spice, but food waste isn’t nice – Michela Kerbaker, Insight Analyst I always enjoy seeing children trick-or-treating on Halloween and appreciate the value to both shoppers and the industry of these types of events. IGD recently published a report on Halloween execution in stores, and ther...
Canada’s leading retailer, Loblaw, has developed its own protected gateway, enabling it to leverage the capabilities of generative AI. Text and image generation Garfield has been developed to allow the retailer’s colleagues to interact with Large Language Models (LLMs) in a safe and secure environment. The retailer wanted to leverage the potential of new and emerging LLMs such as ChatGPT an...
In September, Alibaba’s supermarket chain, Freshippo, opened 30 new stores across China, averaging one store per day, amounting to 350 locations. Freshippo’s latest expansion developments The recent openings include 16 Freshippo Xiansheng supermarkets (meaning “fresh food” in Mandarin”), three Freshippo Mini stores, 9 Freshippo outlets and one Freshippo X club across China. In addition t...
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