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Amazon has made headlines recently with a new store in Moorgate, a new fee for same-day deliveries in the UK, the end of its Amazon Shipping hiatus, and the opening of its long-awaited robotics fulfilment center in Tallahasse.

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Amazon India has launched a shelf monitoring solution that removes damaged fruits and vegetables from shoppers grocery orders, which includes an app that has been called Johari. Johari uses machine-learning to identify pre-determined defects in the produce Amazon has created Johari to be used in two monitoring modes: manual and automated. When in manual monitoring, sellers and operators ...
Two Amazon Fresh stores in Chicago have undergone a makeover in a bid to achieve the goal of ‘best-in-class grocery-shopping experience’. Why the change? It’s no secret that Amazon has faced challenges with its Fresh and Go stores, using trial and error to find the right model. In the Q2 2022 webcast, Amazon’s CEO Andy Jassy briefly touched on the fact he was happy with Whole Foods Mark...
Amazon has released its Q2 2023 results, marking success year-on-year. Below I have outlined some of my takeaways from it. Q2 key numbers: Total net sales increased +11% year-on-year (YoY) to $134,383mn Net product sales increased +4% YoY to $59,032mn Net service sales increased +17% YoY to $75,351mn Online net sales increased +4% YoY to $52,966mn Physical store sales increased +6% YoY ...
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