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Understand how Carrefour's global strategy has been impacted and accelerated by COVID-19 and how it is looking to evolve and embed its model and organisation as part of its aim ‘to be the world leader [for] food transition for all’.

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A guide to France’s grocery market and how we expect the country, its leading retailers and channels to evolve over the next five years.

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As Carrefour prepares to re-enter Greece in partnership with a local company and expands its range of online services in France, amongst other developments, we round up news from the retailer.

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As Zabka rolls out its staffless store solution in new locations and Carrefour appoints a director for Bringo International, we round up developments across markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Zabka opens Nano store in Decathlon store As Zabka expands the presence of its staffless Nano format, it has opened a new store in a Decathlon outlet. Zabka has opened 12 Nano stores, which uses te...
Carrefour’s largest franchisee in Belgium, The Mestdagh Group, has decided to terminate its master franchisee with the French retailer. As the contract’s notice period will last for a year, The Mestdagh Group will remain with Carrefour until 1 January 2023. Decision will see Mestdagh end exclusive partnership with Carrefour… Mestdagh, which operates about 90 Carrefour Markets mainly in Brus...
In recent years, expansion of the proximity (convenience) channel has been fairly stagnant in Brazil. As of Q3 2021, the countries’ two largest retailers (Carrefour and GPA) operated just 371 stores between them. For a country of Brazil’s magnitude this feels like a missed opportunity, particularly as the channel has been a success in the city of São Paulo, where most stores are currently based. ...
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