Metro Group store visits


We look at how leading retailers in Hamburg are adapting their store formats to meet changing shopper preferences.
The best stores we've visited over the last year.
We bring you a collection of stand-out stores from across Europe. These are our top selections from the stores we have seen so far in 2017.
We visited the new real,- market hall concept store in Krefeld, Germany to learn from the retailers new approach to the hypermarket format.
As part of its new strategy, Real is investing in updating and modernising its hypermarkets across Germany, with 107 stores remodelled so far. We visited the Hamburg- Oststeinbek store to see the developments.
During our day with Makro we visited two Madrid stores to see how the business is focusing on fresh and premium ranges and to understand the steps it is taking to tailor its products and services to the HoReCa trade.
Konzum has refurbished its stores and invested into private label product development, while Metro Group’s Metro Cash&Carry has launched e-commerce and Lidl has clearly pursued its format strategy towards a supermarket concept. See their latest innovation in this report.
We visited the first Real hypermarket updated with the retailer’s evolved thinking about what the hypermarket should be and what it can offer shoppers. Placing the focus on the food, the store provides freshness and regional products to support its increased local emphasis.