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In an exclusive interview with IGD, Guo Xuling, Chief of Staff of Alibaba’s Freshippo Business Group, highlights the aspects that distinguish the New Retail, which Freshippo represents, from old retail.

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We’ve reviewed how UK manufacturers are selling direct to consumers. We’ll help you understand the opportunity and risks and provide examples across a number of grocery categories.
We take a look at how click and collect is developing in the UK, France, and the US. If executed well, click and collect can positively impact the reach of the online channel so it is important to understand its potential.
We’ve consulted some of the world’s biggest manufacturers to understand their online capability in 2016. We’ll help you benchmark your capability and highlight the key 2017 priorities for manufacturers leading online.
One click button reordering devices have been widely talked about in 2016. We live in an increasingly ‘on-demand’ world where consumers expect instant gratification and convenience, are one click buttons the answer?
This insight presentation looks at the influence that smartphones are having on peoples’ lives, and how they are becoming an increasingly important part of the shopper journey.
As discounters continue to grow sales, market share and enter more markets than ever before, other big established retailers are having to adapt to compete. In this report we feature seven ways that retailers could flex their offer to drive performance and consider the implications for retailers and manufacturers.
In our latest round up developments in price and promotions and loyalty, we explore how Halloween and Diwali activity was stepped up, and review the latest price and private label investments
Online presents a huge opportunity for grocery in Asia. So how to choose an ecommerce model that’s the most suitable for your business and how to collaborate with the right partners? Here are some tips for those selling online or thinking about launching online in Asia.
We look at the two key channels that suppliers have identified as providing long-term growth opportunities in Argentina and Uruguay: proximity retail, and cash and carry. We also examine the development of digital innovations.
Now in its fifth year, our Online & Digital Summit has become the definitive event for businesses looking to grow sales through the online channel. Read the key learnings from the Summit here…