Colruyt driving sustainable and online initiatives

Date : 26 March 2021

Jon Wright

Head of Insight - RA EMEA

As the Colruyt Group launches Deals! and rolls out several sustainability-focused solutions we round up news from the retailer.

Colruyt Group launches new online promotions platform

The Colruyt Group has launched Deals!, a dedicated site that will focus on providing ‘strong volume promotions on a changing selection of A-brand products’. The company said the site and promotions will be in addition to the existing ecommerce sites it operates and deals they offer. Deals! will see Colruyt launch new promotions on a weekly basis, with these enabling shoppers to benefit from ‘strong promotions on large volumes of pet food, care and maintenance products, detergent, paper products and baby items’.

The promotions will be run under the first-come-first-served principle, which will encourage shoppers to participate in them from launch. Purchases will be delivered to shoppers’ homes in two to 14 days of purchase, depending on the product. A fee of €3.99 will be charged for orders less than €60, while delivery is free on orders above the amount.

Source: Colruyt Group

Colruyt Group adds Eco-Score to help shoppers understand the environmental impact of food products…

The Colruyt Group said the Eco-Score would be added to its private label brand, Boni Selection, with information provided through its SmartWithFood app. The company said Eco-Score would help shoppers to make ‘conscious and sustainable choices when shopping’. The score will be added to about 2,500 SKUs under its Boni Selection brand, which shoppers can access by scanning its barcode with the app.

Eco-Score was established by a collection of French companies in early 2021. The score is a combination of two elements: ‘the results of the life cycle analysis of a product (from farm to fork) and… the addition of extra indicators according to a bonus-malus system’. This takes into account ‘issues such as climate change, water use, land use, particulate matter and acidification’ and will help shoppers make an informed decision on what they are buying.

Source: Colruyt Group

…Following initiative to inform families about living more consciously

In February, Colruyt Group launched the ‘Step by step’ card game to encourage children aged between eight to 12 ‘to think about a better future’. Xtra cardholders received a card game for free when they showed their card or app in-store at any of the Colruyt Group’s banners. The game includes four characters who represent the four pillars of the campaign: society, animal welfare, environment, and health. Colruyt explained the game ‘is not about winning, but about working together and looking for solutions’. To maximise its impact the Group said it was also making the game available with digital teaching packages for teachers for free.

Sustainability-focused Bio-Planet opened in Braine-l'Alleud

Finally, Colruyt has renovated a Bio-Planet in Braine-l'Alleud in Belgium’s Walloon Brabant province, which includes several sustainability-focused features. The retailer has said the new concept will be rolled out to 30 further stores, although without giving a timeframe. The store includes:

  • A separate greenhouse for fruit and vegetables, which is connected to the store’s refrigerated fresh market, therefore, minimising its energy usage
  • This is enhanced through it stocking sustainable coriander plants grown in the vertical farms in Halle
  • Ecotap refill station for laundry, dishwashing, and cleaning products
  • Recycled shopping baskets
  • Circular construction materials
  • A trial of vegetable panels, which use 100% recyclable panels from start-up Circular Matters

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