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Carrefour reports a strong performance in some challenging environments. Furthermore, Carrefour Poland demonstrates how affective its commitments to reducing food waste have proven to be.

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As retailers prime the region for expansion, here is a download of some key players in the market and what we can expect from them in the next couple of years. Cencosud leveraging its successful consolidation of The Fresh Market This year, Cencosud completed its acquisition of The Fresh Market from Apollo Global Management, and it now holds a 67% stake in the company. Cencosud reported c...
Carrefour revealed it appointed a new executive director in France. Meanwhile, the retailer is enhancing the shopping experience in Argentina and Brazil, featuring a new autonomous store and its new Super Nova generation 2 store concept. Separately, in Poland, Carrefour continues to focus on support shoppers purchasing power, by offering a new discount scheme throughout September. Carrefour ap...
Juliana Bonamin, Vice President of Sales at Mondelez Brasil, has outlined what the company is doing with regards to ESG in Brazil, while SMU has launched a new version of a campaign that it has run previously in 2020 and 2022 to support non-profit social organisations. Mondelez Brasil is prioritising ESG principles Juliana Bonamin states that the “ sustainable development mentality runs thr...


In this presentation we look at the regional and country forecasts for grocery retailing to 2028.
Understand how Amazon will grow in the next five years, its latest developments, and the implications for retailers and suppliers.
In this report, we answer five key questions to help you understand the private label market today and how it will evolve in future. Our insights include global examples of the trends, and we delve into what this means for your business as a retailer or supplier.

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Brazil Country Presentation

A guide to Brazil’s grocery market and how we expect the country, its leading retailers and channels to evolve over the next five years.

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