Salling Group innovates with three new apps

Date : 30 June 2020

Harriet Cohen

Senior Retail Analyst

We round up the latest developments from Salling Group, as it introduces three brand new apps across its grocery formats.

Netto: Fillop ambient grocery online subscription service

Earlier this month, the leading Danish discounter introduced the Fillop app, an ambient grocery online subscription service.

Source: Salling Group, Apple

The new service aims to remove the need for regular purchase of basic, staple items, giving customers more time to spend shopping for fresh products. Read more about how the app works and our view here.

Føtex: føtex plus loyalty scheme offers exclusive prices, personalisation and digital refund feature

Following the launch of Netto’s fillop app, Salling Group’s føtex supermarket banner launched its own app, føtex plus

Three key features:

  • Exclusive prices: Every week, prices are cut on select items for those using the app. Shoppers automatically get the benefit when shopping in-store, if payment is made using the card linked to the app.
  • Personalisation: The more a customer uses the app, ‘the better it gets to know you’, offering personalised ‘offers on the items you buy most’
  • Digital refund – If shoppers are not 100% satisfied with grocery items that they have purchased, they can request a refund within a five day period.

    In the first week, Thor Jørgensen, Executive Vice President for Digital & Ecommerce said that 77 customers used the digital refund feature on avocadoes, out of a total of 54,481 packs sold.

Source: Salling Group

In its first week, the app was downloaded over 250,000 times with over 500,000 offers redeemed.

Bilka: Bilka plus goes live with similar features to føtex plus

A similar app has also been launched in Salling Group’s hypermarkets, Bilka plus.

Source: Salling Group

Both apps have gone to the top of the rankings of the iTunes App Store in Denmark, shortly after being launched.

So what do we think?

These three apps demonstrate how Salling Group is driving digital acceleration to help deliver on its growth ambitions. Read more about our view on Netto’s Fillop app here.

Meanwhile, the launch of føtex plus and Bilka plus should allow both formats to use data to target and reward customers in a relevant way, encouraging loyalty.

The digital refund feature makes life easier for customers, removing the need to visit a store or contact customer service for a refund. Meanwhile, Salling Group can use this feature to track and trace any quality control issues.

Although both apps are brand new, early rankings in the iTunes App Store are an exciting achievement. However, more importantly, it will be interesting to understand engagement levels going forwards.

What next?

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