Western Europe: five private label innovations

Date : 26 April 2021

Jon Wright

Head of Insight - RA EMEA

As retailers look to differentiate and drive loyalty through the private label ranges we look at five innovations from Western Europe.

Intermarché updates its Top Budget brand

Intermarché has revamped its entry level Top Budget private label. The range of 600 products has had its packaging updated, with a new logo used to improve on-shelf visibility. A focused investment on nutrition and the quality of ingredients, which has part of the retailer’s wider focus on eliminating additives, has seen certain additives removed from Top Budget products. Nutri-Score labelling has been added to all its products too, helping inform shoppers about their nutritional quality.

Ocado refreshes private label products

As part of Ocado’s wider rebrand, it has refreshed its private labels. The range consists of 530 products, including new additions such as a Chimichurri British Flat Iron Steak. As well as featuring a new packaging design, Ocado also focused on improving the range’s sustainability credentials. 27 tonnes less plastic packaging has been used across the range, while 640,000 plastic nets have been removed, and nine million non-essential packaging components taken away. For example, Ocado has removed adhesive labels from its private label egg boxes, choosing instead to print the information directly onto the box.

Source: Ocado Retail

Rewe and Migros add Nutri-Score labelling to private label products

Switzerland-based Migros and Germany’s Rewe have announced, separately, their plans to add Nutri-Score labelling to all their private label products. Migros started trialling the Nutri-Score label in August 2020 on some of its private label products, but after positive shopper feedback has now extended this to more of them since the middle of March 2021. Its bread range will receive the labelling from June 2021, which will see 430 fresh breads gaining the score, while the cooperative is aiming to have all food products carrying the label by 2025.

Rewe, meanwhile, added the label to all its private label processed foods in January 2021. Nutri-score labelling was added to all its private labels, from entry level ja! to Rewe Bio. Commenting on the step, Rewe Group’s executive board member for merchandising, Hans-Jürgen Moog, said: “We backed the Nutri-Score system from an early stage because one of our explicit aims is to help our customers to make more informed food choices. From now own, they will therefore be able to see and compare nutritional information at a glance on our private-label products.

Colruyt adds ‘Eco-Score’ labelling to Boni Selection…

The Colruyt Group said the Eco-Score would be added to its private label brand, Boni Selection, with information provided through its SmartWithFood app. The company said Eco-Score would help shoppers to make ‘conscious and sustainable choices when shopping’. The score will be added to about 2,500 SKUs under its Boni Selection brand, which shoppers can access by scanning its barcode with the app.

Eco-Score was established by a collection of French companies in early 2021. The score is a combination of two elements: ‘the results of the life cycle analysis of a product (from farm to fork) and… the addition of extra indicators according to a bonus-malus system’. This takes into account ‘issues such as climate change, water use, land use, particulate matter and acidification’ and will help shoppers make an informed decision on what they are buying.

Source: Colruyt Group

…As Migros adds sustainability scale to its private label products

Switzerland-based Migros, as it looks to improve transparency in respect of its sustainability initiatives, has added a sustainability scale, under the M-Check name, to its private label products. Under the tagline ‘We are not 100% sustainable. But 100% transparent’ Migros is adding a score to 250 of its private label products to help shoppers make informed decisions on what they are buying. To get to a score out of five Migros has assessed a product’s entire life cycle, ‘from cultivation to the use of water and fertilizer, to transport and packaging’. Migros said that by 2025 all its private label products, across both grocery and non-grocery ranges, will carry a M-Check rating.