France presentations


This insight presentation provides our analysis of latest retailer results, the top five trends to watch in Western Europe in 2016 and raises questions that could be asked of your businesses.
Innovation of the week: The innovation comes from a Basque butcher shop located on 120, rue de Charonnek, Paris. The machine sells meat products that are vacuum packed or sold in trays that are either raw or cooked.
As we kick off 2016, we assess the performance of the top six global grocery retailers in 2015, review the top line strategic initiatives for the year ahead, as well as some predictions of what to expect over the coming 12 months.
Carrefour has introduced the ‘Tous AntiGaspi’ (All Against Waste) range to reduce food waste.

Intermarché is launching ‘les biscuits moches’ (ugly biscuits) in a campaign to raise awareness of and combat food waste. Check out this slide for the key facts and IGD’s assessment.

Looking to develop your online strategy? IGD looks at six trends that are driving online grocery retailing in Europe.
While technology is putting areas of the store under pressure it can also provide solutions for retailers and shoppers alike. We look at those advances helping to smooth the buying process and make stores more attractive to shoppers using them for a range of missions.
We spent time in Lille to see the French grocery market from a different perspective, one that is less focused on flagship stores and innovation, but more centred on how competitors are facing up against one another on the ground in a more typical French town. Here’s what we found.
We’ve been in-store in France, the UK and Spain to assess evolving best practice in large format retailing and to share top tips to drive growth. 
Innovation of the week: Systeme U supermarket in France uses augmented reality to bring food provenance to life in store.