Flipkart & Amazon India have begun deploying electric vehicles

Date : 03 March 2021

Francis Ramos

Senior Retail Analyst

As part of their commitment to sustainability and zero carbon emissions, Walmart-owned Flipkart and Amazon have recently started to shift to electric vehicles for customer deliveries in India.

Source: Amazon Stories India

Flipkart targets transition to 100% electric vehicles in the next ten years

Flipkart plans to have more than 25,000 electric vehicles by 2030.  It will be partnering with electric vehicle makers including Hero Electric, Mahindra Electric and Piaggio to achieve this ambition in the next ten years.  Its electric fleet will include two-wheeler, three-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles, that are designed and assembled in India.  Amitesh Jha, Senior Vice President of Flipkart Ekart and Marketplace, commented, “Electrification of the logistics fleet is a key part of Flipkart’s larger sustainability goal and in line with our commitment to the Climate Group’s EV100 initiative.  We understand the relevance of electric mobility in achieving both business and sustainability goals and are committed to paving the way for greater adoption of EVs across the country.”

450 electric vehicles have been deployed, and another 1,000 units by year-end

As of today, Flipkart has 450 two-wheeler and three-wheeler electric vehicles in multiple cities in India, including Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyberabad, Kolkata and Guwahati.  By the end of the year, it will add another 1,000 electric vehicles.  Four-wheelers will be added later for delivery of groceries and furniture.

Amazon India to have 10,000 electric vehicles by 2025

The announcement of Flipkart comes after Amazon’s report that it has also started to use nearly a hundred Mahindra Treo Zor electric three-wheelers in seven major cities in India, including Bengaluru, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Indore and Lucknow.  This is part of the retailer’s commitment to have 10,000 electric vehicles in India by 2025, and in addition to the 100,000 units planned in its global delivery fleet by 2030.  Amazon India said in a statement, “This partnership with Mahindra Electric is an important step towards India’s progress in the e-mobility industry to achieve its environmental sustainability goals.”

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