Latin America Presentations


Using our global research, we look at how retailers and suppliers continue to respond to the cost-of-living crisis in Q4 2023.
We showcase 30 inspirational stores across the globe which align with the key themes of our Store of the Future 2030 model. Use the report to brainstorm the future of retail with your team and consider the opportunities for your stores, brands and products.
As global inflation has started to ease, we have reforecast our growth expectations for global, regional and country channels to 2028 This report shares the global view of our channel forecasts to 2028, combining data from 42 major markets across all regions. It provides data on different channels’ performance and highlights which regions and markets lead the way in terms of channel development.
Our vision of the store of the future provides an operational and progressive framework to inspire the industry to start the journey to create the store of 2030.
A guide to Mexico’s grocery market and how the country, its leading retailers and channels will evolve to 2028.
In this presentation we look at the regional and country forecasts for grocery retailing to 2028.
The efficiency imperative is one of the six global trends we identified as key for 2023. At the forefront of our thinking has been the inflationary backdrop in many markets that has driven a significant increase in production costs and retail prices. Meanwhile, the collective actions of central banks have increased borrowing costs, putting pressure on businesses, and consumers. This has led to an intense focus on driving out costs, improving efficiencies and delivering value to consumers in new ways.
The most innovative new concepts from the global eating out market this year.
We explore how the convenience channel is delivering value for customers and key considerations for retailers.
Understand how Amazon will grow in the next five years, its latest developments, and the implications for retailers and suppliers.