We visited Jan Linders in Mill to understand how the retailer promotes its differences as a locally-based retailer that buys from its region and meets the needs of its shoppers.
Take a look inside this growing Dutch variety discount store to understand what it offers, how it executes its value proposition to attract shoppers and how it differentiates itself from rivals.
We visited Jumbo’s Foodmarkt in Amsterdam to see how the retailer is innovating to meet shoppers’ food for tonight and food on the go missions, while reinforcing its price-focused messages.
See how this SPAR store overcomes the challenges of small basket sizes and price conscious customers by encouraging frequent visits.
We visited an Albert Heijn supermarket in central Amsterdam to see how the retailer has completely renovated the store to build an offer with its shoppers and their missions firmly at its core.
We visited the Albert Heijn XL in Eindhoven to see how the retailer has invested in one of its largest stores to spotlight its quality food credentials.

We visited the SPAR store on the Eindhoven University of Technology campus to see how one of its independent owners has created a targeted format that meets students’ food-for-now and food-for-later needs in only 120 sq. m.

We visited two of Marks and Spencer’s newest stores in Western Europe, in Amsterdam and Paris, to see how the retailer is using its grocery range to win in the region by targeting food-for-now and food-for-later missions.

Albert Heijn’s strong recent focus on convenience comes together in this latest innovative store format, targeted at meeting distinct shopper missions. We reveal how the format is evolving with the new Albert Heijn to go.


Ahold’s new concept for convenience, focusing on food for now, integrates mobile technology and social media into the shopping journey.