Carrefour adding online capacity in France

Date : 24 March 2021

Jon Wright

Head of Insight - RA EMEA

As Carrefour expands coverage for its online store and digitalises its catalogue for YouTube in France and rewards shoppers’ good deeds in Romania, we round up news from the retailer.

Carrefour adding online collection capacity

Carrefour has committed to offering a Drive, Pedestrian Drive, or delivery service, both next day and withing the hour options, from 2,000 of its nearly 5,000 stores by the end of 2021. The pledge came after the retailer revealed ecommerce sales rose in 50% in France in 2020 to generate more than €1.0 bn of sales.

As of the end of Q1 the retailer provided some sort of online service from 1,500 stores, underlining both the scale and reach it has, but also how much more work it must complete by the end of the year. In addition to expansion of the service, Carrefour is looking to strengthen the network through the provision of different solutions per store and location, which also adds complexity. Carrefour said it will add home delivery at Carrefour stores in 330 cities, while express delivery will only be available at 200.

Carrefour puts its catalogue on YouTube

Meanwhile, adding to its selection of digital marketing channels, Carrefour has launched its catalogue on YouTube. Working with VideoRunRun Carrefour has recreated its standard catalogue on YouTube. A key aim, in addition to generating sales and interest in its catalogues, was to be able to collect data and insight on shoppers, while also helping it better target groups with specific catalogues. Each catalogue lasted an average of two minutes. During the trials, each video was watched more than 1.5m times, with nearly 35% being watched to the end. Finally, linking it to driving footfall, Carrefour indicated the content generated more than 200,000 trips to a store.

Carrefour Poland aiming to cut food waste…

As it looks to support local suppliers and producers affected by the closure of the HoReCa sector, due to COVID-19 restrictions, Carrefour Poland will sell imperfect carrots and apples at reduced prices at standalone units in its hypermarkets and supermarkets. The retailer said it was looking to support producers who were being left with unsold produce, preventing food from being wasted and as part of its aim to build long-term partnerships with the country’s agricultural community.

…As Carrefour Romania launches Act For Good programme

Through its Act for Good programme Carrefour Romania is enabling shoppers to turn purchases into social impact, while also saving money through discounts and personalised offers. The solution is integrated into the retailer’s app, which allows shoppers to collect one point for every RON20 (US$4.88) they spend. Shoppers can gain extra points when they purchase specific products. Shoppers can choose which social issue they want to support through the programme.

Commenting on the solution, Carrefour Romania’s CSR and External Communications, Real estate & Corporate Affairs Director, Anca Damour, said: “At Carrefour, we value every action that contributes to the society. For example, if you choose to buy tomatoes from Carrefour, from a local supplier, this action will be rewarded with Act For Good points which could be later used for supporting the farmers that grew those tomatoes. Doesn’t matter how little you think your efforts are, Act For Good from the Carrefour App is exactly about that, about every small gesture….”