Quick commerce: learnings from one of the world's most advanced regions

Oliver Butterworth
Senior Retail Analyst

In this report we explore how quick commerce has evolved in LATAM over the past 18 months and how we expect this to evolve in the future. This includes opportunities for CPG’s looking to get ahead.

We cover the following:

  • an in-depth look at the existing aggregators (including Rappi, Cornershop by Uber and PedidosYa) and the key differences between their propositions
  • coverage of the aggregators’ new ultra-quick delivery services (including Rappi Turbo, Merqueo Ultra) and the rise of using dark stores
  • an overview of new pure plays that have entered the region (such as JOKR and Daki) as well as those that look set to follow (including Getir and Gorillas)
  • our hypothesis for how quick commerce will evolve over the coming years
  • opportunities for suppliers and advice on how to set themselves up for success. 

…and much more!