Metro AG: three developments from the company

Date : 17 March 2021

Keshia Beadle

Senior Retail Analyst

As Metro AG’s local operations commit to its long-term strategy, the group launches new services to support HoReCa customers and partners with Loop to reduce single-use plastic packaging.

Metro launches DISH to support HoReCa businesses

As it looks to support independent restaurants, Metro’s tech division, Hospitality Digital, has launched a new tool, DISH Order. The solution plugs into restaurants’ existing web sites and enables customers to order directly with them, rather than through third parties. Restaurants can decide whether to offer click and collect or delivery options themselves, which Metro says will enable them to be ‘more flexible and independent of third-party delivery services’.

The service is being launched country by country and within a market city by city. It is initially trialled with a small number of HoReCa customers before being made available to more of its customers. In Germany Metro said the service came with a one-time connection fee of €299, while a monthly charge of €49 was also made. In Romania Metro provides two levels of service, a Starter Package, which is priced at RON299 (US$73), while the Professional Package carries a RON99 (US$24) activation fee, with a RON99 (US$24) monthly charge.

Metro partners with Loop to reduce single-use plastic

Adding to the growing list of retailers partnering with the Loop initiative, Metro France has announced it is working with Loop to reduce single-use plastic packaging in its stores. Together Metro and several key suppliers are working with the Loop initiative to extend the latter’s reuse deposit service to the wholesale channel. Together Metro and Loop said they wanted to ‘offer professional customers a range of products in reusable packaging… [which] can go through the reuse cycle several hundred times before they are being disposed and recycled’.

Metro said the Loop deposit system will be trialled in 10 Metro stores from autumn 2021 in the Ile-de-France region, which serve more than 100,000 customers. The two companies said they were in discussions with suppliers to ‘develop a solution that is specifically tailored to the needs of restaurant owners’. Initially the two companies will focused on products including oils, sauces, condiments and creams. The partnership will see a customer purchase and use a product, but the manufacturer will own the packaging.

Country operations commit to long-term strategy

Speaking at different events, representatives of Metro Romania and Spain have underlined the local operations’ focus on the company’s long-term strategy, ‘to support independent businesses and local entrepreneurs’.

Speaking at the Re:Focus on Ecommerce, Retail & Logistic 2021 event Metro Romania’s retail director, Irinel Popescu, looked at how the company was providing ‘solutions that support both business sectors: trade and HoReCa business’. As part of this Popescu highlighted how Metro was focusing on three key areas: ‘the La Doi Pa?i franchise and its development, increasing delivery and logistics services and the digitalization, in which we invest a lot in this period, both for reseller customers and for HoReCa customers’.

Meanwhile, at an event organised by Aecoc, Makro Spain’s chief executive, Peter Gries, highlighted how ‘Makro wants to be more relevant throughout Spain’. It would be able to meet this need through existing services, recent acquisitions, such as its recent purchase of Davigel, and through supporting the digitisation of the country’s hospitality industry. Regarding the latter point, Gries said Makro’s aim was to help HoReCa customers to earn more money through the democratisation of digital services, such as DISH Order.

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