Europe: five ecommerce developments

Date : 06 May 2021

Rachel Sibson

Retail Analyst

As Carrefour Belgium opens its first distribution centre following its partnership with Food-X technologies and Rewe and Albert Heijn trial new last mile delivery solutions, we round up ecommerce developments from across Europe.

Carrefour Belgium’s new ecommerce DC starts operations

Following on from its announcement in Q3 2020, Carrefour Belgium’s new distribution centre, which was built through its partnership with Food-X Technologies, became operational. The 8,350 sq. m semi-automated warehouse, which will be operated by ID Logistics, when it gets up to full capacity during the second half of the year, process more than 5,000 orders daily. The new distribution centre took space from an empty warehouse, with the updating and incorporation of new technology taking just over seven months. Shoppers will be able to buy from a range of nearly 16,000 SKUs across categories.

Rohlik appoints Group CMO as it looks to become ‘European leader in online grocery delivery

Rohlik has appointed Jakub Petrina as group chief marketing officer, who joins after spending 10 years at Air Bank. The company said the appointment comes as it looks to grow its team to support its growth in Europe, both in existing markets and as it prepares to launch in new markets like Germany. Commenting on his appointment, Petrina said: “ I am joining Rohlik Group to help us become a European leader in online grocery delivery. The offline to online shift has only just started in this category and I will work hard to speed it up.”.

Rewe to make online deliveries with cargo bikes…

Rewe has announced it extending its use of cargo bikes for last mile delivery of online orders following the trial in Cologne. Deliveries using bikes will be extended to Berlin and Hamburg as the retailer looks to improve its fulfilment systems and options, while also limiting the service’s environmental impact. Depending on the extension’s success Rewe will expand the service to further urban areas in Berlin and Hamburg.

Orders are collected from a central Food Fulfilment Centre in Berlin and bicycle hubs in Cologne and Hamburg by third party company VeloCarrier, an expert in bicycle logistics, who then delivers the orders to shoppers. Deliveries are made Monday to Saturday between 07:00 and 22:00 and include products from across the retailer’s total range.

…As Albert Heijn introduces electric minibuses

Mirroring Rewe’s initiative, Netherlands-based Albert Heijn has begun using Light Electronic Vehicles (LEV) in Amersfoort. The 1.4m wide LEV have a range of up to 130 km, top speed of 65 km per hour and can transport 36 crates or cool boxes. The use of the LEV is part of several trials Albert Heijn is set to run as it looks to meet its aim to deliver emission-free groceries to inner cities from 2025.

Jumbo expanding online delivery capacity

Netherlands-based Jumbo has opened its 10th home delivery hub, in Groningen, in the north of the country. Online orders will initially be collated at the retailer’s e-fulfilment centre in Raalte before being distributed to shoppers in the region through the new 1,900 sq. m hub. The switch to the new hub will enable Jumbo to increase the number of shoppers it can serve, offer more delivery slots and for the delivery slots to be shorter than before.

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