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A guide to the retailer and its operations today. Updated quarterly to include latest information on performance, strategic developments, marketing initiatives, key personnel and must see stores.

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We look at Amazon's commercial performance, its strategic priorities for the next five years, its latest initiatives, and the implications for retailers and suppliers.

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This in-depth guide to the USA explores the key trends in grocery retail and the growth strategies of the leading retailers in the country.

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Amazon has opened its first non-food store in the UK, under the Amazon 4-star banner, in the Bluewater shopping centre. The store will stock products rated four-star or above on Amazon’s website.

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COVID-19 may have dampened consumer spending during Deepavali in 2020, but online retailers and suppliers in India are now preparing for ‘revenge spending’ that will likely boost demand during India’s biggest festive season this year. Consumers are eager to fulfil their wants vs. last year’s focus on needs Shoppers in India are now looking forward to go out and celebrate festivities with ca...
Deliveroo and Amazon have announced a new offer in which Amazon Prime members can now receive free Deliveroo Plus membership for a year in the UK and Ireland. Free takeaway and grocery delivery The new offer follows Amazon’s investment in Deliveroo , which was cleared by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in April 2020. Due to Amazon’s investment, it therefore has an incentiv...
Major national convenience retailer Co-op has set out its goal to more than double its sales through online platforms from £70m to £200m by the end of the current year. The key focuses for driving this growth are to be a new partnership with Amazon Prime and the roll-out of Starship autonomous vehicle deliveries to more areas. Amazon partnership to go national following Glasgow trial The sa...
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