Booker website overhaul goes live

Date : 19 January 2021

Patrick Mitchell-Fox

Senior Retail Analyst

Leading UK food and grocery wholesaler, Booker has relaunched its website suite on 19 January, bringing a long-awaited, updated transactional experience to its extensive online B2B customer base.  Now optimized for mobile access, the new website offers a significant step-on in look and feel and flexibility of use, while retaining key aspects of layout and taxonomy that have become familiar to the many Booker customers who have moved online over the last decade and more.  

Key enhancements include … 

The new site now offers bigger, higher quality product imagery plus richer product information such as comprehensive allergy detail covering ‘contains’, ‘may contain’ and ‘free from’ classifications.  A simpler three-step transaction process helps to reduce ordering times and facilitate on the move purchasing.  More adaptive personalisation now enables the customer to get an experience more specifically relevant to them and their business, be that retail or catering.  The site now also incorporates functionality for customers to add instructions for order pickers and delivery drivers.  To complete the integration of mobile functionality into the customer experience a phone product scanning capability will be added to the site shortly.

Familiar features retained …

The established Booker product category taxonomies are retained, and users can still access the traditional Booker list view of products offering the clarity of information on case size that is so critical to the B2B offer.  However, this view has now been supplemented with a grid view alternative providing customers with an experience more familiar from mainstream retail sites.  To ensure continuity for customer latest transactions orders and established ‘trolleys’ saved on the old site by the end of 18 January were migrated onto the new platform.

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