Three innovations to watch at Coop Danmark

Date : 26 June 2018

We highlight recent key innovations from Coop Danmark as it launches same day delivery, intelligent recipes and promotes comparisons beyond price.

1. Coop Danmark launches same day delivery in Copenhagen…

Last week, Coop Danmark introduced same day delivery in Copenhagen. Shoppers can now place their orders before 12.00 and can have them delivered from 15.00.

This autumn, the service will  be available throughout the country. This will be made possible by introducing online grocery fulfilment from the retailer’s Irma, Fakta, SuperBrugsen, Dagli’Brugsen and Kvickly stores.

Commenting on the development, Morten Viktor, Managing Director at MAD said, ‘Our major competitive advantage is that we have a great network of physical stores with a range ranging from discount to gourmet. By more closely linking the physical stores with the online store, we can almost nationwide get a concept where delivery is delivered on the same day’.

2. … As it unveils intelligent recipes in partnership with Northfork

Elsewhere, Coop Danmark has introduced intelligent recipes in partnership with Northfork, which provides recipe shopping technology.

Northfork helps link recipes with appropriate product numbers, creating ‘an intelligent food plan that minimizes food waste and allows for selection, which is important for the individual customer – such as organic, price and allergies’.

Source: Coop Danmark

Commenting on the partnership, Morten Viktor continued, ‘We know that in the middle of a busy weekday it can be difficult to have time to plan the meals of the week … With Intelligent Recipes, the two actions are optimized and our customers receive a personalized and flexible food plan delivered to the door’.

Northfork is already partnering with leading Swedish retailers ICA and Coop Sverige, as well as Gastrofy, a personalized meal kit company .

3. …And makes a case for comparisons beyond price

Meanwhile, acknowledging the number of price comparisons in Danish newspapers, Coop Danmark has introduced an advert highlighting how it is investing in low prices and promoting key product attributes.

The advert shows a receipt of goods at Coop Damark, highlighting its products are ‘tested over and over’, while other items are free from additives or preservatives.

Source: Coop Danmark

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