Coop Switzerland sees slight decline in sales in 2020

Date : 11 January 2021

Keshia Beadle

Senior Retail Analyst

At a group level, Coop Switzerland reported sales fell by 0.2% to CHF30.2 bn (US$34.4 bn), with its performance held back by its specialist formats. Its grocery formats, though, saw strong growth, as shoppers changed where they bought food and cooked more at home due to the pandemic.

Grocery formats see strong growth…

Coop reported record sales growth at its supermarkets, at 14.4%, in 2020. This saw it generate sales of CHF12.0 bn (US$13.7 bn) through the channel. It noted how its grocery formats had offset the challenges it faced ‘in its own gastronomy and in the wholesale / production division’. Online grew sales strongly as well, with sales through up by 42.6%.

…Offsetting challenges elsewhere

Coop reported its specialist formats generated sales of CHF7.1 bn (US$8.1 bn). It said Coop Bau + Hobby, Livique / Lumimart, Interdiscount, Betty Bossi and Coop Vitality had all seen a ‘marked growth in sales’. Underlining the strength of growth at its grocery ecommerce store, Coop said its home electronics stores’ ecommerce sites had seen sales rise 33.0% during the year. Together, Coop said its online stores generated sales worth CHF1.2 bn (US$1.4 bn) following growth of 35.2%.

Wholesales and production sees sales fall…

Coop said its wholesale / production division generated net sales of CHF12.6 bn (US$14.3 bn). It said the sales were ‘despite far-reaching, pandemic-related restrictions in the catering trade’.

…While sales of sustainable products rise

Finally, Coop reported sales of sustainable and sustainably-sourced products were worth CHF5.2 bn (US$5.9 bn) in 2020, a rise of CHF500m (US$569.1m) in the year. The revenue generated by the ranges, Coop said, made it the ‘undisputed number one in the field of sustainability’ in Switzerland.