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Retail execution at Minipreço, Lisbon

Minipreço is evolving its discount format to provide shoppers with solutions, rather than simply supplying products.

Spain country presentation

A guide to Spain’s grocery market and how we expect the country, its leading retailers and channels to evolve over the next five years.

European retail trends 2023

We highlight five trends that we expect to shape the European grocery retail market over the next 12 months and beyond. 

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Understand how retailers such as Alcampo and Covirán report impressive sales growth during 2022. Meanwhile, explore how DIA has stepped up its commitments to boost its pricing strategy and helping vulnerable communities. Separately, AliExpress bets on improving its customer experience to gain sales.

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Sustainability plays an integral role in shaping the retail market across Europe. Retailers and suppliers continue to review their ESG targets to put a greater focus on reducing food waste, social commitments and providing healthier, more sustainable choices. Retailers also continue to launch new sustainability initiatives focused on reducing plastic, enhancing stores through designs that make th...
Spain is a price sensitive market we continue to see retailers taking action to support shoppers purchasing power. Retailers such as M&A, DIA and Uvesco are investing more to implementing initiatives to freeze or cut prices to attract more shoppers during the current economic environment.   M&A discount banner commits to freezing prices Grupo Piedro has launched its M&A discount banner, this ...
At a group level DIA reported an increase in net sales to €7,286m an increase of 9.6% compared to the same period in 2021. DIA revealed the group completed 2022 with a total network of 5,699 stores. DIA’s outstanding sales performance The DIA Group has made significant improvements on previous years, increasing sales across all markets it operates in, which includes Spain, Portugal, Brazil ...

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