Real sale date agreed

Date : 09 June 2020

Keshia Beadle

Senior Retail Analyst

On the 25th of June, SCP Group will officially purchase Real from the Metro Group.

SCP Group getting ready

The sale will include the online platform, which the SCP Group is already preparing for resale. The SCP Group will also take full control of all Real's business units, with former Lidl board member, Bojan Luncer, heading up the new operation. Along with its real estate partner, specialist food property investor X-Bricks, SCP is managing the planned sale of a number of locations to other retailers in Germany. It is also assumed that SCP will operate around 50 locations for the next two years, as this agreement formed part of the original contract.

Proposed sale of units

Rewe, Edeka and Kaufland have all expressed interest in acquiring some of Real's sites, with Kaufland agreeing to purchase around 88 sites and Edeka agreeing to purchase around 53. Rewe has shown interest in some of the prime location sites, estimated to be around 18 sites. This may not be a purchase, but rather could involve Rewe taking on the space as a tenant, once SCP has renovated the locations. These deals will all still require sign off from the anti-trust authorities and so it is still uncertain what the precise split will be.


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