Edeka store visits


Edeka has been strengthening its one-stop shopping proposition in 2020 and 2021.
We visited a number of Edeka stores located across Berlin. This showcases its high-quality supermarket offer and demonstrates how Edeka creates an engaging environment which welcomes a variety of shoppers.
This flagship store is located in the centre of Düsseldorf. The store combines a high-quality supermarket offer with a large selection of eat in and food-to-go options to create a destination proposition.
Edeka Clausen spotlights how retailers can differentiate themselves to compete with price-focused rivals by celebrating their strengths in produce and counters and meeting the needs of local shoppers.
We look at how leading retailers in Hamburg are adapting their store formats to meet changing shopper preferences.
We explore how Edeka is executing its supermarket format, excelling with counters and fresh.
Opened in 2014, EDEKA’s E center store showcases the retailer’s new initiatives and format development of its larger stores.

Edeka Zurheide is a modern store which uses multiple visual features to communicate the messages of premium and freshness. IGD visited this store in April 2011.