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Intermarché: flexible strategy helping to win in France

Understand how Intermaché is winning in France. The retailer's adaptative approach to stores and well-managed private labels with a fully owned supply chain, contribute to make Intermarché the most successful mainstream retailer in France in 2018.

France country presentation

This in-depth guide to France explores the key trends in grocery retail and the growth strategies of the leading retailers in the country.

Western Europe outlook 2020

We look at five key trends set to shape the Western Europe in 2020. Retailers are continuing to invest in private labels, health, wellness and lifestyle choices. At the same time, retailers are focusing on evolving existing strategies and creating innovative store formats. 

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As retailers look to differentiate and drive loyalty through the private label ranges we look at five innovations from Western Europe.

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Continuing the shifts in membership amongst European buying alliances, Auchan, Casino, DIA, Metro and Schiever have said they are not planning to renew their Horizon purchasing alliance for 2022. Meanwhile, due to these changes and others at AgeCore , Casino and Intermarché have announced the creation of a new alliance. Horizon to end, by mutual consent Auchan, Casino, DIA, Metro and Sch...
As retailers in France look to innovate and benefit from continued shopper interest in digital and online channels, we round up several of the new initiatives being rolled out. Auchan and Carrefour evolve online fulfilment models Although not new developments for the market, Auchan and Carrefour have set out plans on how to evolve their Drive offer as they look to trial new services. First,...
French retailer Intermarché it set to open five production lines dedicated to face masks at one of its private label manufactures. Face masks to be part of the ‘new normal’ The French government made a series of announcement at the end of April and in early May regarding the end of the lockdown and the use of face masks by the general public: Face masks will be mandatory for users of ...

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