Fairtrade Fortnight 2021 in the UK

Date : 09 March 2021

Lucy Bellotti

Retail Analyst

2021’s official Fairtrade Fortnight ran from 22 February to 7 March. We look at how three retailers supported the event.

Co-op UK: promotions and awareness

The Co-operative has supported Fairtrade for over 25 years and 2021 was no exception. The Co-op used Twitter to highlight the key benefits of buying Fairtrade products. The retailer educated its shoppers, highlighting that purchasing Fairtrade chocolate would help women in the cocoa industry, by supporting Fairtrade Africa’s women’s school of leadership project.

Source: Co-op UK

Education of Fairtrade is a priority at Co-op, it teaches shoppers the importance of Fairtrade to the planet and to people. For example, it emphasises Fairtrade products are better for the environment, as farmers do not use toxic chemicals, use water sustainably and protect endangered habitats.

Co-op offered discounts of 20% on all Fairtrade wines and encouraged shoppers to purchase Fairtrade products by handpicking recipes to make the most of its Fairtrade products.

Source: Co-op UK

Sainsbury’s: Fairtrade awareness and inspiration

Sainsbury’s encouraged shoppers to support Fairtrade by spotlighting a range of over 580 Fairtrade products. The retailer outlined how the Fairtrade Foundation encouraged supporters to hold a Fairtrade breakfast to help raise awareness.

Sainsbury’s inspired shoppers by providing online recipes that only use Fairtrade ingredients. Recipes included banoffee tarts, loaf cakes, Pad Thai, and homemade chicken nuggets, amongst others.

Source: Sainsbury's 

Lidl: raising awareness

Lidl focused its Fairtrade campaign, online and in-stores, on promotions that raised the visibility of its Fairtrade ranges, including:

  • Cereal
  • Chocolate
  • Flowers
  • Fresh products, such as bananas
  • Sugar
  • Wine

Online Lidl highlighted information about how it ‘aims to ensure tea farmers and workers have the tools and support they need to build environmentally and socially responsible businesses’. Furthermore, it provided information to educate shoppers about the impact purchasing Fairtrade has, explaining buying its ‘Kenyan Fairtrade roses supports local programmes including hospital equipment and classrooms.’

Source: Lidl


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