Five highlights from Easter 2021

Date : 07 April 2021

Sabira Habib

Retail Analyst

In our Easter retail execution report we looked at the key themes and featured exciting in-store theatre from around the globe this year. Below are five highlights we took away from the event.

1. Implementing learnings from Christmas 2020

Just like Christmas, Easter is one of the major seasonal events for FMCG. This Easter we saw retailers and brands using learnings from Christmas 2020 to help them prepare and navigate the pandemic. For instance, working around the challenges of online seasonal shopping, retailers such as Sainsbury’s encouraged shoppers to start their Easter shopping early. 

Another learning was to adjust portion sizes given the smaller number of people attending a celebration. For example, The Fresh Market in the US addressed the issue of varying COVID-19 restrictions across the country by launching meal kits in three different portion sizes, that served: two, four and eight people.

2. Sales for Easter decorations rocketed this year

The trend of mirroring events such as Christmas during Easter celebrations has gained momentum in the past couple of years. However, in 2021, with limited opportunities to engage in outdoor celebrations, people tried to bring the seasonal look and feel to their homes.

Searches for Easter decorations on Sainsbury’s website, according to the retailer, rose by 948%, while searches for Easter trees were up by 977%.

3. Egg-citing displays in-store

In our Easter retail execution report, we highlighted how retailers looked to activate their Easter egg sales in-store as shoppers looked to make the event extra special by treating their loved ones. This was accentuated by shoppers also engaging in at-home baking using Easter eggs, building on another key theme from the pandemic. Marks & Spencer reported its Easter egg sales went up by 86% in 2021.

To drive attention to this competitive category, retailers used prominent in-store locations to capture shoppers’ attention. This can be seen in Waitrose and M&S’s exciting front-of-store displays.

Source: IGD Research

4. Easter egg hunt goes virtual  

As safety continues to be a major concern in many countries, retailers and brands offered COVID-19-safe Easter egg hunt solutions, such as at-home or virtual hunts. The Philippines’ SM Supermall carried out an in-store egg hunt in select locations, which used QR codes and offered customers the chance to win exciting prizes.

Source: SM Supermalls

5. Spotlighting different price points

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect consumers’ spending power, with a clear contrast between savvy shoppers and less-price sensitive shoppers. Retailers like Morrisons appealed to shoppers of all budgets by using its seasonal power aisle to display Easter eggs offered at different price points.

Source: IGD Research

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