Mercator upgrades its omnichannel offer with online TV

Date : 09 March 2021

Slovenia’s leading retailer, Mercator, has launched an online content platform, which carries videos it has produced. M Soseska (M Neighbourhood) was launched in February 2021 and offers a selection of live and pre-recorded content on cooking, lifestyle, and home entertainment. This is offered as entertainment that engages customers with Mercator’s in-store and online offer.

Airing relevant and entertaining content

The content is focused on a selection of household needs or entertainment. It consists of cooking videos to inspire viewers about meal planning and preparation. The content offers a selection of meals with a focus on those that help shoppers leads a healthy lifestyle.

Source: Mercator

Other content is focused on giving advice on stress-free households or to groups of shoppers, such as first-time mothers. On the more entertaining side of its offer, M Soseska provides content that reviews new home technologies, games, books, theatre, and art.

M Soseska is an investment to access the omnichannel shopper

The platform was created during the government-imposed lockdown, when Slovenian households were spending more time at home. Mercator wanted to benefit from added online traffic so created its own platform to engage customers with content on activities, such as cooking, fitness, gaming, and home entertainment.

Converting shopper awareness to basket spend

Mercator gets the viewer to engage with the retailer’s grocery offer, for example, with product placement on the Tiktak obrok (Tiktak meal) content. Shoppers can click on a link, which takes them to Mercator’s online store where all the meal’s ingredients are ready to be added to the basket.

Source: Mercator

This a unique take on grocery marketing in Slovenia, as it aims to raise shoppers’ engagement with its assortment of grocery and non-grocery goods.

Communicating the content via the right channels

Content is segmented to meet different needs in a Slovenian household. Although the content is available on the M Soseska website, they are also made available through social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Source: Mercator

This is illustrated by the content’s formatting, which is designed to fit the screen ratio of mobile phone screens, such as the fitness channel Fit brez izgorov (Fit without burns), which is made for Tik Tok.

Monetising the service through product placement

Mercator offers its supply partners the chance to take part in the channel through product placement in the videos. The goods must have direct relevancy to the content produced, such as food items for the cooking show, such as branded packaged food and Meractor private label range.

The opportunity to monetise the content will help reduce upfront production costs. However, since this initiative is in its infancy, it is too early to report on its return on investment.

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