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Ocado have announced a partnership with marketing firm The Trade Desk allowing the marketer direct access to customer behaviour data. Ocado is the first grocer in the UK to take this approach and have clarified that all data supplied is consented.

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The online supermarket reported a 3.8% drop in its retail revenue, down to £2.2bn for the 2022 financial year. Ocado reported a £501m loss before tax, £324m lower than in FY21. This is despite increasing its market share and growing its customer base over the financial year. Ocado Group chief executive Tim Steiner said: “Over the last year every company has had its business model tested b...
As Ocado pauses the opening of new customer fulfilment centres (CFCs) and trials a digital deposit return scheme, we round up news from the retailer. Ocado pauses expansion due to reduced demand Ocado had planned to open more automated CFCs over the next few years to keep up with growing demand.  However, in a recent presentation to analysts it announced that two new CFCs scheduled to open ...
Ocado Retail is rolling out a new shopper insights platform for suppliers called Beet Insight. Opportunities for suppliers Beet Insight, will provide suppliers with information on key shopper and ecommerce trends.  According to Ocado it will provide “the deepest and broadest customer shopping insights available in the UK”.  Suppliers using this data will have access to the same insights as ...
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