Poundstretcher: enhancing social media presence

Date : 06 June 2019

Variety discounter Poundstretcher has created a new marketing team entirely dedicated to social media, according to The Grocer. We look at what it's doing online to engage with shoppers.

New Team

Previously Poundstretcher has outsourced its social media work but marketing manager Michael Jenkins and three assistants will form the new in-house team.

New content

The team will be creating content across all social media platforms.

  • YouTube (300+ followers); the newly created YouTube channel showcases offers in store. The latest video is called 'Trying new flavours of coffee-Taste test' and sees two members of the team testing two brands of coffee and comparing price
Source: YouTube
  • Facebook (300,000+ followers); shows offers and price comparisons with other retailers
Source: Facebook
  • Instagram (30,000 followers); showcases products and shoppers photos
Source: Instagram
  • Poundstretcher website; has blogs on themes such as 'Poundstretcher Footy Survival Guide'. These make the products relevant by showing how they can be used in everyday life
Source: Poundstretcher

Social media is an important tool for retailers to as it provides a way to engage with shoppers, create a community and generate loyalty.

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