The last mile: rapid delivery in Latin America

Oliver Butterworth
Senior Analyst

This report provides insight on the evolution of last mile, rapid delivery services in Latin America. This includes both global businesses that have entered the region (e.g. Uber Eats and Glovo) and the extremely successful local players (such as Cornershop, iFood and Rappi).

We explore four conditions that have supported the growth of rapid delivery in the region and take a look at who the customers are and how they are shopping. We highlight how the major retailers like Carrefour, GPA and national champions, like Peru’s Tambo+, are partnering with these businesses to strengthen their own delivery capabilities. 

The report provides forecasts on how rapid delivery could evolve further, bringing in global best-in-class examples. This considers the possible implications for suppliers and manufacturers working with third party deliverers and provides some suggestions on how they could get ahead using data, marketing and engagement with customers.