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Strategic outlook for Rewe

Rewe is the second largest grocery retailer in Germany and is the market leader or number two grocery retailer in many of the countries it operates in. In this presentation we review Rewe’s outlook for the next five years, as it continues to develop a future-looking strategy to remain competitive and grow across its markets.

Germany Country Presentation

A guide to Germany’s grocery market and how we expect the country, its leading retailers and channels to evolve over the next five years.

Latest News

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Rewe continues to work towards its sustainability goals. We look at recent initiatives in Germany to achieve its targets.

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Israeli-based Trigo, which has developed technology to power autonomous, or checkout-free stores, has raised $100m in new funding to drive expansion in Europe and the Americas. We look at what this means for the broader sector. Taking the technology to larger stores Trigo has been one of the leading technology partners for retailers to help them develop autonomous shopping experiences. The ...
Retailers in Germany have been increasing their focus on sustainability, with the government also introducing initiatives to drive this. Rewe launches omnichannel campaign Rewe has rolled out a campaign called ‘Gutes beginnt mit mir’ (good things begin with me), in order to highlight the important role that shoppers have in making more sustainable choices. The campaign uses data and product...
We bring you the latest news from Rewe Group in Germany. Partnership with SK gaming Rewe has announced it will partner with SK gaming, who are one of the best known brands in e-sports. The retailer will be the official nutrition partner and will provide nutritional support to the company. Rewe has previously worked with the DFB national teams as a nutritional partner and has a lot of experi...
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