Rewe’s turnover broke through €75 bn barrier in 2020

Date : 25 February 2021

Keshia Beadle

Senior Retail Analyst

In an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Rewe’s chief executive, Lionel Souque, said the company’s turnover reached the €75 bn mark for the first time. Rewe’s turnover in 2019 was €62.7 bn. Souque said much of the increase in its turnover was due to the takeover of Lekkerland.

Lekkerland boosts turnover in 2020…

According to Souque, the acquisition of Lekkerland in 2019 boosted its performance in 2020, adding €12 bn in revenue. Lekkerland supplies neighbourhood and convenience stores, which saw a benefit from shoppers in many European countries choosing to buy more locally, to limit the time they spent outside their homes.

…Supported by growth in its wider retail business

Rewe’s wider grocery business saw good growth in 2020 too. Its supermarkets and other grocery-focused operations saw a strong increase in turnover due to COVID-19’s impact on shoppers’ spending behaviours. However, Souque did underline the negative impact on Rewe’s tourism division, which saw a strong contraction in turnover.

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