Coronavirus (COVID-19): Blakemore extends home delivery to 60% of its company stores

Date : 27 April 2020

Patrick Mitchell-Fox

Senior Retail Analyst

The rapid adoption and expansion of home delivery services from convenience and local independent stores has been a significant feature of how these stores have responded to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency lockdown.

Anecdotally it is apparent that in a short space of time home delivery has come to account for a material proportion of many stores’ sales. From its initial launch of home delivery on March 20, Blakemore has rolled out the service to 165 of its 280 company-owned SPAR stores.

Phone ordering now supplemented with Snappy Shopper ordering app

Having launched the service based on a simple phone-based ordering process, since 2 April Blakemore has been trialing the third party Snappy Shopper convenience ordering app from four stores in the Wrexham area. Offering a range of over 1,000 lines the trial stores received over 900 orders through the app over the last three weeks.

Following the success of the trial, the app will be rolled out to a total of 250 SPAR stores across Blakemore’s network by the end of April, including independently operated stores as well as company-owned.

Matt Teague, Retail Managing Director, AF Blakemore commented:

‘As a convenience store operator, we have a unique role to play in our local communities, and over recent weeks we have been able to prioritise our most vulnerable customers by creating a home delivery service. Acknowledging that a number of our older customers aren’t comfortable with online ordering we have created a system where our stores can support them over the phone. Now we are able to expand our service we’ve partnered with Snappy Shopper to provide a digital solution. Both channels have performed exceptionally well, but most importantly this means that customers who can’t come to stores have a way to ensure that they can receive their daily essentials direct to their door.’

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