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UK channel opportunities: 2018-2023

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Strategic outlook for A.S. Watson

We review A.S. Watson’s retail outlook over the next five years and the key markets to watch, as it continues to expand around the world.

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This in-depth guide to the UK explores the key trends in grocery retail and the growth strategies of the leading retailers in the country.

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Superdrug and Savers have published 2020 financial results that highlight the challenges both retailers faced during the year. Superdrug reported a significant decline in revenue, by 14.8% to £1.11 bn, while Savers saw a decline in revenues of 5.9%, to £536.1m.

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The drugstore operator is again launching its live open house, but this year goes virtual, aiming to secure the next best upcoming health and beauty brands. Bringing new and innovative offerings to the high street Superdrug is offering suppliers the opportunity to pitch their brands and products to its senior commercial team, with the opportunity to learn more about Superdrug and potentiall...
Superdrug reported 1.6% growth in revenue and 12.4% increase in operating profit. Savers also reported an increase in revenue by 12.3% and a 7% increase in operating profit for the year ending 28 th December 2019. Superdrug’s ‘Solid performance in the period’ Revenue growth of 1.6% to £1,304mn (2018: £1,283mn) Operating profit increased by 12.4% to £107mn (2018: £95.2mn) 30 new st...
Superdrug has partnered with e.l.f. Cosmetics to launch TikTok inspired stands in-stores. Staying on trend The drugstore will be selling a range of e.l.f Cosmetics’ bestselling products in the social media inspired stands in Superdrug stores. This comes after videos featuring e.l.f Cosmetics products goes viral on TikTok as reported by Retail Essential. With over half a million likes on ...
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