Boots highlights 2021 beauty trends

Date : 18 February 2021

Sabira Habib

Retail Analyst

In its first ever beauty trends report, Boots has set out predictions across skincare, makeup, and haircare for 2021.

Focus on ‘ingredient-led skincare’

Boots reported the expert skincare category did extremely well in 2020, with brands, such as CeraVe, seeing sales increase by +321%. Active ingredients, like collagen, which is responsible for repairing skin, saw a ‘staggering’ +1,570% increase in searches on

Clarity and effectiveness of ingredients will become more significant as customers become more curious and informed about what goes into their skin care products. Boots highlighted ‘that brands that are grounded in science continue to see huge growth’.

We saw the activation of this trend in Boots’ stores, with the retailer using eye-catching interactive digital displays to inform customers of star ingredients in skin care products. Brands like La Roche Posay had fixtures protruding from shelf edges to let shoppers know its products are recommended by dermatologists.

Source: IGD Research

Is refill the future of beauty packaging?

Boots reported 91% of consumers want less packaging and 88% want to be able to refill their products.

Refilling products has become a viable solution for retailers looking to promote their sustainability initiatives. We have seen great examples of this from German drugstore operators, DM and Rossmann testing in-store refill stations with Henkel and DM partnering with Nivea.

Source: Rossmann and Beiersdorf

Boots itself is reported to be working with P&G to launch the first mass refillable solution for haircare on the high street. It would do this in conjunction with leading brands, such as Herbal Essences, Aussie, Pantene, and Head & Shoulders.

Embracing the natural look

The impact of lockdown and working from home has made people embrace the natural look. 25% of consumers reported feeling comfortable with looking natural during video calls. This has adversely affected sales of beauty products, but has boosted growth in skincare, particularly ingredient-led skincare.

Moreover, with salons closed, women are embracing the natural look trend and celebrating their natural hair. Hashtags such as #curlygirlmethod received over 900,000 posts on Instagram. A rise in demand is expected for brands that focus on ‘enhancing natural texture’ and inclusive ranges for all hair types.

The crossover between beauty and wellness

Products associated with reducing stress, boosting wellbeing, and encouraging feelings of calmness and relaxation have been extremely popular since the first lockdown. Products that alleviate stress saw an increase in sales of 91% on

In 2021, the trend is expected to continue with people seeking more holistic ways to boost their wellbeing and brands that have therapeutic value are expected to be popular.

This is reflected in the rise in demand for CBD products that have anti-stress and inflammatory properties. Subscribers can read about Holland & Barrett’s new store concept, which looks to target the growing trend by dedicating displays solely to CBD products. The retailer also gave an entire fixture to help shoppers ‘discover CBD’.

Source: IGD Research

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