VinMart opens virtual stores

Date : 27 May 2019

VinMart, a leading retailer in Vietnam, has placed large posters displaying images of over 100 daily essential products on shelves to look like a supermarket in 20 locations. Shoppers can buy these products by scanning QR codes on their mobile phone and pay with the VinID app.

Expanding to more locations

These virtual stores are placed in dormitories, office buildings, schools and bus stops across 20 locations in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. After scanning the QR codes and confirming their orders, the shoppers can pay for the products with their bank cards on the VinID app. The products can be delivered between two to four hours upon purchase. VinMart will expand this concept to other locations around the country.

Smart shopping handbook

Besides the virtual store, VinMart has also developed a handbook with over 800 items available for purchase. The handbook is available both online and in a paper version. Shoppers buy products by scanning QR codes using the Scan & Go feature on its app and also use the VinID for payment. 

A pioneer in Vietnam

VinMart is a key leader in utilising new technology to enhance shopping experience. It is helping shoppers save time with cashless payments in both physical and virtual stores. Its Scan & Go app was first rolled in out in March in 12 physical stores enable self-checkout. This technology will be expanding to 73 stores nationwide.


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